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When companies expand, it can be difficult to keep up with certain aspects of the business. This includes handling all the work in accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll, for example.

Of course, businesses have a host of facets that need attention. Most business owners are going to spend their time focusing on the elements of their business that they feel are most important for continued growth. Sometimes, this means areas like the finance department might not get as much attention as needed.

Rather than allowing those areas to be neglected, one of the best decisions is to speak with the experts at CFO Shield who can help. Below, we’ll be looking at ways our professionals can make a real difference for companies who need to streamline their financial practices.

Accounts Payable in Flower Mound

Accounts payable can’t be ignored. This represents money a business owes to its creditors, typically in the form of short-term debt. It might be a company owed money for products or services provided, for example.

Some of the types of accounts payable services in Flower Mound offered include vendor payment management and vendor activity reporting. CFO Shield can handle these and more for you, including expense tracking and reports, account balance monitoring, and ensuring there are timely payments to vendors.

Accounts Receivable in Flower Mound

Accounts receivables are just as important. As a company grows, it becomes more difficult to keep up. Fortunately, companies can also get some help for accounts receivable when they work with CFO Shield.

Our professionals can help with client billing, time-based billing, sales tax reporting, revenue recognition, online payments, sending out past due reminders, etc. Let our experts ensure all the payment and account information is up-to-date.

Payroll Services in Flower Mound

One of the jobs that tend to take a lot of time and energy is going through payroll. For some companies, particularly those that are growing, it can feel like a full-time job. Fortunately, there are professionals from CFO Shield who can help handle all parts of the payroll process.

Let CFO Shield’s experts customize a payroll system for your Flower Mound business. Our pros can verify timekeeping records, help with payroll software setup, handle multi-state tax filings if needed, provide employee paycheck stubs, process 1099 reports, payroll tax payments, and so much more. Rest easy and let our professionals handle this.

Choosing the Right Company for Accounts Payable, Receivable and Payroll Services

The right outside help for a business’s financial needs can greatly improve current processes. Whether you have a new company, or an established company, your goal should be to make operating the financial aspect of the business as seamless and efficient as possible. Take the time to look for an accounting firm that can offer all the types of services necessary for things like payroll and accounts payable services in Flower Mound. Handle the hassle the right way by letting the professionals at CFO Shield take care of these aspects of your Flower Mound business’s finances. Get in touch with us online today, and we will show you how our accounts payable, receivable and payroll services can benefit your company. Or you can call us at (469) 459-6700.